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Residual Stress Testing

Added on April 4th 2018

Residual stresses are those which are locked into a component, independent of any external, or applied loads. Residual tensile stresses, often introduced during machining or as a result of uneven cooling of welds or castings are detrimental as they facilitate crack propagation. Shot peening adds a layer of residual compressive stress beneath the surface of a component, which can counter-act tensile residual stresses, and applied (in service) stre... Read more


Finishing Solutions for Additive Manufacturing

Added on April 4th 2018

Despite the many advantages of Additive Manufacturing (AM), poor surface finish has always been a major barrier to adoption, particularly in demanding end-use applications. Sandwell has been part of a project to tackle this issue and achieve top quality surface finishing on Additive Manufactured parts. It has long been a fact that advanced engineering industries (like aerospace) have been unable to fully embrace AM technology due to the stringent... Read more


Sandwell Staff Profile: Peter Dix

Added on April 4th 2018

Northampton born Peter Dix, Sandwell’s Production Manager, joined the company in 2016, having sold the specialist engineering firm he co-owned. In the years before, Peter had a variety of engineering roles, and when searching for his next challenge, came across Sandwell. The nature of Sandwell’s work and the empathy Peter had for Colin and Liz running a specialist engineering firm appealed to Peter and so he took on the role of Production Man... Read more


Capacity Expansion

Added on December 13th 2017

Following the recent factory upgrades, Sandwell’s planned capacity expansion continues apace with two key acquisitions. The first of these is the installation of a state-of-the-art laser cutter, representing a vital upgrade to process flow and quality in the company, as Production Manager Peter Dix explains: “This is a great step forward for Sandwell and significantly improves our response time and accuracy of masking. It allows us to think o... Read more


Sandwell’s Nanocrystallisation Project

Added on December 13th 2017

At the recently held Montreal World Conference on Shot Peening, Sandwell Technical Director Colin McGrory presented The paper ‘Nanocrystallisation on the surface of superalloy In718 component with a commercial shot peening process’. The conference is a triennial event to discuss the latest advances in shot peening technology and brings together the world’s leading experts from both industry and academia. The paper is the result of much inte... Read more

Robopeen colin detail


Added on July 27th 2017

Introducing RoboPeen Over the years, Sandwell have built up a sound reputation for pushing the boundaries within surface engineering, and its latest innovation, RoboPeen, represent another significant step to further enhance that reputation. RoboPeen was born out of a desire not to just push technological boundaries, but specifically to deliver a solution for the integration of CAD models and scanned surfaces into a programmable process. After su... Read more

Sandwell 20 logoWeb

Sandwell 20 Years

Added on July 26th 2017

Sandwell turns 20! This year marks the 20th since Sandwell was founded in 1997. The company was founded as Colin McGrory had discovered that the available surface engineering solutions were often not meeting the specific requirements of motorsport customers. Hence, a company was born where quality and customer service were paramount; key values that are still part of the company ethos today. Right from the start, Colin, his co-director Liz Slater... Read more

Sandwell MIA ConferenceWeb

Sandwell LCV Preview

Added on July 26th 2017

Sandwell to exhibit at LCV 2017 Following a successful exhibit at the MIA Business Growth Conference, where Sandwell’s exhibit was met with great interest from the audience in attendance, Sandwell will make its debut at the Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle show on September 6 and 7 at Millbrook. On stand C3-200 Sandwell will be displaying the latest shot peening and surface engineering technologies. At LCV 2017 Sandwell will exhibit their latest decora... Read more

whitford coating

Perfect Coatings

Added on May 4th 2017

Since Sandwell’s inception in 1997, we have been working with Whitford Worldwide, the UK producers of Xylan industrial coatings. In the early days, we primarily applied the Xylan coatings to rally car suspension components, Xylan’s corrosion and abrasive resistant and non-stick attributes making it ideal for this environment. Since then, having worked with Whitford and gained their “Recommended Coater” accreditation, we consider the appli... Read more


Sandwell Upgrades Facility

Added on May 4th 2017

Each year October/November heralds the start of what is the busiest time of year for Sandwell. This year – just to keep things interesting Sandwell decided to undergo a major factory restructure at the same time.Our timing was not ideal – but we made it - and thanks to the hard work and co-operation of the whole team we managed to complete on schedule, whilst also meeting the expectations of our customers – in what turned out to be our ... Read more