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  • Xylan Anti Corrosion Coating
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Xylan Anti Corrosion Coating

Xylan Anti Corrosion Coating

The Xylan anti corrosion coating belongs to the same family as other low friction coatings but exhibits enhanced corrosion resistant properties. The coating forms a surface matrix that bonds to the substrate. It provides a hard lower surface whilst retaining a corrosion resistance coating of a binder matrix combined with fluoropolymers. This combination produces a most durable finish.

Properties of Xylan Anti Corrosion Coating

Temperature range of -195°C to + 260°C depending on specific application.
Colours – available in a range of colours.
Resistance to abrasion – Good Typical coating thickness 20µm.
Suitable for coating onto metallic components, fabrications and castings where corrosive chemical environments are present.

Typical Applications:
Oil & Gas Subsea components
Chemical plant equipment
Race and road car suspension components and mountings
Fasteners Engine and gear case castings
Colour range: Red, Green, Blue, White, Silver and Black