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  • Xylan Non Conductive Coating
    Xylan Non Conductive Coating

Xylan Non Conductive Coating

The Xylan non conductive coating forms the base for the majority of the coating systems currently available at Sandwell UK Ltd. Offering good dielectric properties along with superb corrosion coating protection and high levels of PTFE / FEP. They also provide excellent performance at extremely high pressures, up to 150,000 PSI (10,500 kg/cm²). The properties can be further enhanced with the ability to layer several coats of product to form a high build finish.

This series of coatings is available in a range of colours. RAL colour matching is also possible for many coating grades in this series.

Properties of Xylan Non Conductive Coating

Temperature Range -195°C – 285°C.
Colour – range available
Typical coating thickness 20µm ±5
Optional primer available