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  • Satinising



Sandwell UK’s Satinising process employs a range of in house media processes to produce the surface finish you require.

Typically the process of gently blasting the surface with glass bead blasting media will enhance the finish of machined parts and produce a bright, non-glare and finely textured subtle surface finish. The process can be applied to any metal item and is particularly effective on aluminium and stainless steel.

When combined with a light aluminium oxide grit blast it is possible to eliminate light machining marks from the finished component. By varying the operating parameters of the process it is also possible to give the appearance of an aluminium ‘casting’ to a non-cast item.

The many variables that contribute to the end result, once decided with our customer, are recorded and controlled to ensure repeatability for large batches or repeat work.

Typical Applications:
Automotive interiors
Boat interiors
Aircraft interiors
Consumer & industrial electronic enclosure
Architectural structures